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Kris is a two time Emmy award winning video/film editor, and has been honored with seven Emmy nominations during his long career. Kris has worked with Hollywood's top television producers and directors, having edited many genres including situation comedies, music videos, large scale music-variety shows, and segments for Oscars Academy Awards telecasts.

For much of his career, Kris has focused his talents on TV comedy programs. Among the series he's edited: "In Living Color" (Fox), "Ellen" (ABC), "Titus" (Fox), "According to Jim" (ABC), "Shake it Up" (Disney), "Last Man Standing" (ABC), and "Bunk'd" (Disney)

Kris's resume
as of March 2018

Kris is admired by producers, directors, and performers for the artistry, dedication, and enthusiasm he brings to every project. He's thrived on the stresses and challenges of delivering weekly television episodes to the highest standards under tight deadlines. Few editors working in Hollywood have been privileged to be involved with so many projects, or have as many hours of network television airtime as an editor. Kris's motto: "there is a solution for every problem."

Expanding his horizons in 2007, Kris developed an innovative workshop to showcase production and post-production techniques used in Hollywood TV comedies. Singapore's Ngee Ann Polytechnic invited Kris to conduct a hands-on editing workshop in June 2007 for students, faculty, and alumni.

During the 1 week workshop in Singapore he shared knowledge, techniques, and anecdotes accumulated during his long career. He introduced Avid Multi-Camera Editing and Avid Script-Based Editing to editors in Singapore who were not familiar with those features.

At the end of the workshop, attendees were asked for their critiques. Here are some of their comments:

• "Learned something new about Avid Script-based and Multi-Cam editing"

• "The insight into the American studio and mode of work is very refreshing"

• "It was fun editing a sitcom with professional cast and great camera work. I got to learn Avid Media Composer"

• "I love this workshop. I wish it could have been longer"

In March 2009, Kris took a one year break from Hollywood. Singapore's Ngee Ann Polytechnic offered Kris a one year contract as a visiting lecturer, beginning with the April 2009 semester. He taught students the creative and technical aspects of editing.

Also, in conjunction with the Media Development Authority of Singapore, Kris conducted several 1 week workshops for students, faculty, alumni, and local media industry. For one of the workshops, Kris invited Hollywood writer/producer Judd Pillot to join him in Singapore for a well received screenwriting/producing workshop. See the flyer.

Kris returned to Los Angeles in 2010 to resume his editing career. During production breaks in Hollywood he's been invited numerous times to return to Singapore to conduct workshops at Ngee Ann Polytechnic and editing masterclasses "The Art of Editing" at the Singapore Media Academy.

Known for embracing emerging technologies, Kris pioneered the use of the Avid Media Composer for editing multi-camera comedies in the 1990's, and enthusiastically agreed to edit the very first high definition TV comedy series ("Titus") for a major television network (FOX). Although Kris has primarily used Avid for his TV projects since 1996, he embraces Final Cut Pro as well. Kris edited the series "Sid the Science Kid" (PBS) with FCP in 2008, a children's series using a revolutionary live animation system developed by Jim Henson Productions.

Kris is likely one of few editors who has used virtually every editing technology during his career, including the physical splicing of 2" quadruplex videotape with the aid of a microscope. He was one of the pioneers of computerized video editing, using the revolutionary CMX system to edit "All in the Family" and "The Jeffersons", top rated CBS network comdies in the late 1970's.

Although he has spent much of his career working on multi-camera TV projects, Kris is comfortable with single-camera projects as well.

Kris worked with some of the top music artists of the 1980's and 1990's. He edited countless music videos for performers such as Prince, Huey Lewis and The News, Tina Turner, Olivia Newton-John, and the late Michael Jackson. The photo was taken in the mid-1980's when Kris was working with Jackson on a music video project. Yes, Kris actually had some hair at one time, and Jackson was not a bad looking guy before his "makeovers." He certainly was one of the most talented performers in music history, and Kris was lucky to work with him.

In addition to his work as an editor, Kris is a world traveler. His hobbies include collecting and restoring classic automobiles for which he has won numerous awards. He created a popular website which was once named as "Yahoo! Site of the Week." The website has extensive details about Kris's collection of classic cars as well as an in-depth look at the history of color television - one of his other passions. Visit Kris Trexler's King of the Road website.

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